Congress Shall Make No Law...
2:58 PM
Schumer’s Censorious Statements

Politico recently reported that Senator Chuck Schumer has been sending out fundraising letters.  No problem there, but in his pitch, Schumer again admits why he sponsored the “DISCLOSE” Act in the U.S. Senate.  schumerHis goal is “reining in corporate spending on political ads through the DISCLOSE Act.”


Hmm.  A politician wants to silence his opposition and is willing to use government force to do so.  It is a shame we don’t have a Constitution in place that would stop him from abusing his power and U.S. Supreme Court precedents directly on point that would say such actions would be unconstitutional.


Oh, wait.  We do.


Schumer has said that the “deterrent effect” that the DISCLOSE Act would have on corporations and other groups’ speech “should not be underestimated.”  But as we at IJ (and more importantly, the Supreme Court) have said time and again, it is not for the government to decide who may speak and who must remain silent.  The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech for all Americans, not just those whom the party in power likes.


Image Souce: Atomische • Tom Giebel