Congress Shall Make No Law...
9:18 PM
Stay Classy, PFAW.

“People for the American Way” has released a deeply ridiculous video that purports to explain the impact of Citizens United.  The takeaway seems to be that the biggest beneficiaries of the Citizens United ruling are homophobes, anti-Semites and people who want to poison babies (seriously, we aren’t making this up).  Their solution?  Amend the Constitution to restrict free speech.




Even setting aside PFAW’s outrageous hyperbole, their calls to restrict speech should offend all Americans.  While PFAW positions itself as a defender of democracy, the entire premise underlying their video is that voters are too stupid to elect the “right” candidates if they are also permitted to listen to corporate speech.  And PFAW’s proposed “solution”—silencing disfavored speakers to “improve” democracy—is nothing more than what the U.S. Supreme Court correctly described as censorship for the purpose of thought control.


If you agree with the Supreme Court that “the First Amendment confirms the freedom to think for ourselves,” then make your voice heard by letting PFAW know what you think of their video.