Congress Shall Make No Law...
1:11 PM
Irony, Thy Name is DISCLOSE

mouthtape“We want the DISCLOSE Act” is a website at which people can be "citizen co-sponsors" of the Act by signing an online petition.  The site contains a list of these "co-sponsors," but it provides an option, taken advantage of by several signers, to remain anonymous.  Might this option exist because the folks behind the petition effort—Senators Chuck Schumer, Russ Feingold, and Patrick Leahy—know that more people will sign if they don’t have to reveal their personal information to the public?


Of course it does.  Something to keep in mind the next time an advocate of mandatory disclosure laws—including the DISCLOSE Act, which Senator Schumer has admitted is intended to deter corporations from speaking—tells you they don’t chill speech.