Congress Shall Make No Law...
11:07 PM
DISCLOSE: Just Like Freddy Krueger, Only Scarier

What does the DISCLOSE Act have in common with movie monsters like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger? No matter how many times it appears to die, it keeps coming back to life. The Hill reports that Senate Democrats are preparing to force—as early as next week—a vote on a “bare-bones” version of the DISCLOSE Act that they hope will appeal to Senate Republicans like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, who have supported campaign finance restrictions in the past.


This “bare-bones” version, although it will not include things like prohibitions on political spending by companies with more than twenty percent foreign ownership, will still have “disclosure” mechanisms designed to discourage corporations from speaking during election season. Thus, DISCLOSE remains, as it always has been, a cynical assault on First Amendment rights by politicians who are afraid of corporations speaking out against their reelection.


As First Amendment advocates work again to put a stake in DISCLOSE’s heart, they should make sure, once and for all, that—unlike with Jason and Freddy—there is no possibility of a sequel.


Image source: Valerie Everett